HPUAT 8.9″ Big Screen Digital Alarm Clock

This  attractive and unusual clock from ZhiPuAoTe TEC.ltd arrived packaged in a plain white box inside of which aside from the clock itself was a medium length USB to USB charging cable and a single sheet User Guide. I append a copy of the User Guide to my unboxing video.

The build quality seems fine. The clock is quite heavy, well made and robust. All the switches are large and easy to find.The enclosed User Guide, which in fact is not really needed, is well written, nicely printed and easy to read. All the controls apart from the snooze button are on the rear and are large, clearly marked and very easy to configure. There is a battery port at the back for the two AAA batteries needed for backup purposes. Why it takes two AAA batteries rather than a watch type battery I am not sure since all the display goes off when the USB port plug is disconnected, the batteries just power the internal memory. On the rear are two standard USB ports, one to power the unit, the other a pass through port to allow external devices to be attached. It is a pity a full sized port was used rather than the more common micro-USB as full sized USB to USB cables are not so easy to find. On top is a large and clearly marked snooze button which even the heaviest sleeper would find it hard to miss.

Setting up the unit was a dream and took me less than two minutes without needing to consult the User Guide. All the switches are large, easy to find and have a good positive movement about them.

The display is less bright and more subtle than I was expecting, which in fact is good in an alarm clock where you do not want a bright display during the night. There are two light levels, normal and dim. Dim is very dim and well suited for a darkened room. Unlike with most LED/LCD clocks the colon separating the display numbers does not flash which can be either a feature or failing depending on your outlook. personally I prefer a flashing colon.

The clock is excellent indeed and provided you do not need a very bright in your face display would make a great buy.

The Good
Great price
Good build quality
Easy to configure
Subtle LCD display
Large Snooze button

The Bad
Full sized USB charging port
Display could be brighter
No batteries included
Display colon does not flash