J-Bonest Power Strip 14 power Outlets with 4 USB Ports


This is a device I have seen before several times from different importers, rebadged but often in the same packaging. It is still a good product and one worth shopping around for. This version from Jbonest Inc is typical of them and available here at a reasonable price.

I have tried quite a few plug towers but this one model is the biggest yet with no less than fourteen power outlets and four USB sockets..

The device arrived nicely packaged in a well designed display box which gives impression this product gives of being a techy item rather than a domestic one. The stylish looks add to this impression and the item certainly feels at home on the workbench or desktop.

The build quality seems good. It is made of a heavy duty ABS plastic with 14 power sockets and 4 USB ports spread over four levels each with a off/on button. Each USB port outputs a respectable 2.1A, not quite the highest output but better than the simple trickle chargers fitted to some units.There is quite a bit of white space, it has to be said, and I am pretty sure that more USB ports could have been incorporated into the design but four is still good. The tower will rotate completely around but is stable and will not fall over even when only the top levels are used. It has on/off switches on each level with separate status LEDs and a master reset button on the underside. It comes with a reasonable 2M cable which will retract fully inside the unit for storage.

It works very well and can easily be placed on a desktop, useful as a way of sending power to a range of computer peripherals without getting too tied up with a rat’s maze of cabling. Of course it could serve just as well in the kitchen or anywhere that there are lots of appliances in a small space.

This is a well made quality device and available at a price not too much more than that of a old fashioned linear plugboard

The Good
Attractive design
Well packaged
Space saving
Power auto cutoff
14 power ports
4 USB ports
2.1A USB power output
Useful product info card

The Bad
More USB ports could have been added
More expensive than standard plugboards
Power lead could have been longer