ZEALOT S5 Portable Wireless Home Speaker

Having just got an Amazon Echo I wanted to get a small speaker that will match the Amazon Echo Do t that I plan to get for use in my home office. This little speaker from ZEALOT although slight smaller in diameter has a similar look to the Echo Dot and hopefully should work well with it. If not then I will have a nice little speaker which no doubt I can find a use for elsewhere.

Inside the reasonably attractive display box was the speaker itself, a USB charging cable, and a User Guide. The don’t really need much of a User Guide for a speaker but the supplied guide is well printed in colour and easy to read. However, not all the features mentioned in the guide relate to this model of speaker. I enclose a copy on the end of my unboxing video, switch to fullscreen and pause when needed to read it.

Build quality is first class. The speaker body is all consists of an all around metal grill surrounding the actual speaker unit itself with with a row of ports around the bottom. It has a micro-USB charging port, USB port, TF card slot and AUX in ports. The micro-USB port is just for connecting an external audio source and the built-in 2000mAh lithium rechargeable battery cannot be used to power or charge external devices. On the underside of the unit is the single large Power/Multifunction button and hidden above the TF port is the tiny rocker switch used to control the volume and track selection.

Configuring the speaker for Bluetooth pairing is easy enough thanks to the voice guided status prompts. It paired first time my Nexus 6P phone and connected automatically when rebooted. The connection is good and I experienced no drop outs in use.

Sound quality from this speaker is good but not fantastic, which given the size and form factor is not to be wondered at. That said, the audio quality is perfectly adequate for normal use and in fact better than I was expecting for the nature of the device.

In other areas it is not lacking in features.It can also play music from a micro SD card or from the audio AUX port. There is no FM radio built in, which is a pity as many less expensive speakers feature this.

This is a fantastic speaker for the bedroom, living room or indeed anywhere you like as the upmarket but restrained looks should enhance any room.. The sound quality is excellent for the device price. The build quality is good and the speaker looks much more upmarket and sophisticated than I was expecting.

The unusual design, great build quality make this an appealing buy and the excellent price makes it a five star one.

The Good
Great Build quality
Good sound quality
TF card slot
Audio in port
Voice prompts

The Bad
No audio cable included
No powerbank feature
No carry case
No FM radio