Cosy House Luxury Bed Sheets, Set of 4 : Silky Soft Microfiber Bedding

Eastern King sized beds such as ours are not common in the UK and obtaining decent quality bedding at a reasonable price is harder still and so I was very pleased when I heard that established USA company Cosy House Collection were launching their products over here.

The set I ordered, size King XL, fitted our 76 inches wide by 80 inches bed perfectly. The kit consists of a fitted sheet, top sheet and two bolster sized pillowcases all in microfiber. The fitted sheet pocket is designed for mattresses up to 16 inches deep. Ours is less than that and but rather than tuck the excess under the mattress we let it hang down in place of a valance and it looks very effective.

The bedding set arrived beautifully presented in a heavy duty zipped and releasable plastic case. Presentation is very important and not only does it make the product look good it makes it more attractive as a gift. In this case it makes this lovely bedding set appear the quality product that it is from the start.

The quality seems great with no pulled stitches or signs of manufacturing flaws. The bottom sheet has a continuous elasticated loop to hold it in place which is different to normal and time will tell how well this lasts in the long term but no problems so far. The two pillow cases are bolster sized and although of excellent quality I think standard sized pillowcases would be better for the UK market and in fact it is clear that the bedding was not designed with the UK market in mind. That’s great for us non standard bed sized users but may be confusing for traditional bed owners.

We usually use cotton sheets and were concerned that his microfiber set my be too warm for summer use but in fact this proved not to be the case and the sheets felt soft and comfortable without feeling hot or oppressive. The bedding is lightweight compared to cotton but just as comfortable to sleep on and may prove to me more durable in the long run.

This is a fine quality bedding set with some unusual and non standard features and clearly manufactured to the highest quality. I am going to order some more sets whilst I can in case they decide to drop Eastern King sizes when they get more experience of the the UK market!

The Good
Great price
Excellent quality manufacturing
Good packaging

The Bad
Extra large pillow cases
Clearly not designed for the UK market

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