Ctronics Hidden Spy Camera PIR Wall Clock Camera DVR

There are plenty of cheap low end so called security devices including those disguised as clocks but they tend not to work reliably and usually have poor video quality. Not so here. this no toy, no novelty item, but a serious piece of surveillance equipment built to professional standards and priced accordingly.

In the box, which like the device itself is discreet and low key regarding the nature of the device, can be found the clock/camera itself together with a UK mains power supply with a rather too short non detachable cable, AV cable, remote control, wall mounting screw, User Guide. The build quality is all first rate. The User Guide is well written, easy to read and printed in colour on good quality paper and makes a pleasant change from the usual grey poorly printed offerings I am accustomed to seeing. I was a bit disappointed that the power supply has a relatively short cable which would make wall mounting the clock less easy than it might be.

Configuring the device is easy enough, after the initial 15 to 20 hour battery charge, and well explained in the User Guide. The device is connected to a monitor with the enclosed AV cable and the various options, recording quality, motion detection, time/date etc, can be changed using the remote control. It is a pity that the device cannot connect directly to a PC to configure and view SD card files. A PC card reader is needed to view files from the SD card unless viewed on an attached TV or monitor using the AV cable. A pity too that there is no HDMI output, strange for a modern FHD device. However, the device will function in a similar to a card dashcam and record in short loops overwriting the card when full. It can be set to record when triggered by the built in PIR motion detector or to record continuously but there is no scheduled recording feature, so it cannot be preset to record during set hours only. For me the biggest drawback is that there is no internet or network connection available, so the device cannot be monitored remotely nor send out push alarms. However, many users would see this as being a feature rather than a drawback.

Although the device can be easily configured, in fact this is not always needed and the camera can be operated directly from the remote handset with no configuration needed although of course date/time stamping and other options may not be available.

This is a well made and professional piece of equipment capable of excellent results as well as being simple to use straight from the box. It lacks remote and networking features but not every user will want that. It can be positioned, configured, and up and running in seconds and left alone to operate untended for extended periods of time. All you have to do is plug it in (or use the extended battery option) use a few presses on the keypad to set it to continuous or PIR operation on a looping basis and then leave if for as long as you like before popping the card out to check the results.

There are many far cheaper rivals out there but few have the professional level build quality and can yield the results this unit can.

The Good
Great Build quality
Good User Guide
Good image/video quality
16GB SD card included
Motion detection
Loop recording
Still photo mode
Microphone built in
Battery operation

The Bad
Short power cable
No i/r illumination
No network connection
Cannot connect Clock/ and computer directly
No HDMI output
No scheduled recording mode

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