Shekar 3.5 Inch LCD Screen Endoscope Inspection Snake Camera

When I first came to try this device I wondered at first how they could justify the price for a relatively low resolution device when there are USB phone based rivals offering FHD resolution. Having had a chance to use the unit I now understand why.

In the large and attractive display box can be found the Endoscope screen unit, Control handle, hook/magnet accessory kit, 1 USB cable, 1 video cable, 1 remote cable, User Guides in English and Chinese. No TF card was included.

The build quality is first rate. This is clearly a device intended for heavy duty professional use and here it is that it leaves the cheap rivals behind.The components are all very well made and robust enough to stand the knocks and bangs as well as the water splashes found in on site use. The whole unit is (not just the camera head) rated as IP67 which means anything short of full water immersion should not trouble it. It is a pity then that no robust storage case was included in the kit.

Setting the device up was easy enough. First insert the four AA batteries needed (not supplied). The LCD screen unit snaps in place onto the handle – be sure to fit the TF card in place first into the slot on the underside of the screen unit – the 3M tube screws in place onto the front of the handle. Turn the dial on the front to power unit up and you should then be viewing live video from the camera head. You will be warned if no card is inserted but even with no card you can still view the remote image. The LCD monitor unit can be operated independently of the handle if required. It seems it draws a fair amount of power from the batteries. I first tried testing it with a partially used battery set – the on screen display dowed 50% battery life – but the unit powered itself down after five minutes with a low battery warning. A new set of batteries worked fine.

It is possible to record video and still images to the card. There is a LED light array on the end of the camera and the brightness can be controlled from the control handle thumbwheel. There is an additional bright LED light mounted on the handle itself and this can be separately control from the button on the handle side. The unit can record video at up to 720p, the video can be rotated in camera through 360 degrees as well as zoomed in and out as needed.

This is a professional quality endoscopic camera designed for heavy duty working use. If all you need is a quick camera to plug into you iPhone to look down the drains with then this device is not for you. If you need a device that will be used every day on site and is robust enough not to worry about the odd knock about or water spill then this is what you need., That is why it is so much more expensive and that is why it is worth it.

NB: Since writing this review the suppliers have informed me that the lack of a TF card was a simple packing error and that all production units will ship with a TF card.

The Good
Heavy duty build quality
IP67 water resistant
720p Video quality
Ergonomic design

The Bad
No TF card supplied
No batteries supplied
Heavy battery drain
No carry case supplied

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