Wnnideo Comfort Lightweight Portable Sleeping Bag

For less than £20 I was not expecting much. In fact I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of this new sleeping bag from Wnnideo.

However, first impressions were not so good. It arrived squashed into a football sized black bin bag covered in bright yellow sticky tape.No problems, I should say with the level of protection it received, and of course a sleeping bag does niot need much to begin with, but it just looked naff. Had it been presented in an attractive box I could easily be sold at £50+ Rant over.

The bag is well made, thicker and better padded than I was expecting. It has a large hood which can be pulled tight with a drawstring. There are two separate zip, one on the side and the other along the base.. The side zip is secured at the top by a velcro flap to prevent it coming open during the night, the bottom zip can be opened to allow the feet to cool off, I suppose. Both zips can be opened and the sleeping bag laid flat to serve as a duvet. I can no sign of any manufacturing problems. The stitching is all secure and tight with no loose ends or strands. The zips are metal and seem robust and well made also.

The sleeping bag is supplied in a carry bag. It is in black and made of similar material to the sleeping bag and is secured by what seem to be many straps. The straps are not of the quick release type so some struggle necessary to extract the bag the first time. No doubt this will get better with use.

This is an excellent quality budget priced sleeping bag which is very warm, well made, and should serve for any but the coldest nights.

The Good
Great price
Carry bag
Drawstring hood
Well padded
Good build quality
Separate lower zip
Unzips for use as duvet
Internal storage pouch

The Bad
Poor presentation
Carry bag lacks quick release buckles

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