ThiEYE i60e 4K Sports Action Camera

Action camera prices are falling and every day it seems less buys more. At only £45.99 at the time of writing this is by no means at the bottom of the market either in price nor features. A year or so ago you could not get a decent sports camera for under £150. I have tried a few ThiEYE action cameras in the past and they have all been distinctly a step up from the usual GoPro clones and wannabes.

As my unboxing video shows you get less for your money than with some rivals that can supply a camera with a variety of mounting kits for less even than the price of this one. Not that you just get the camera here. No you get a small number of basic mounts and essentials: the camera itself, waterproof case, 1050mAh battery, 360 Degree Rotating Quick Release Buckle, Flat Adhesive Mount, two Adhesive Stickers, USB Charging Cable and a User Guide. This differs from the pack list given in the User Guide which has a few extra items not included in the box. It is a pity no SD card could have been included. They are cheap enough these days and to do this would not add y greatly to the cost and would allow the camera to be used straight from the box. It all arrived in an attractive and rather tasteful box which makes a pleasant change from the usual garish actioncam product packaging.

The enclosed User Guide is above average for action cameras (not that this is saying much) well printed, easy to read but explains only the basics about the how to operate the action cam. I attach a copy of the guide to my unboxing video. Run the video full frame and pause when needed to read it. When I am more familiar with using the camera I will update my video with MB footage.

The camera itself is actually rather better than I expected for the money. Video quality is excellent, and a definite step up from the cheaper no-name clones. The 170° angle of view is great but with the barrel distortion common to all cameras of this type. There was a time when this would have been seen as a high end camera and now standards are moving higher even in the budget market. This camera does a perfectly decent quality 4K@30fps – the exact size of the claimed 4K is not defined in the manual but usually this taken to be 3840×2160 -as well several other rather more useful modes including 1920×1080@60fps and 720P slow motion at 120fps. The slow motion is good but could be slower – my Nexus 6P phone does 240fps.

Similarly, we are told it is waterproof to 60M, which is way above average, but there is no mention if this means it has been tested and rated IP68 or what. I would want to know what this was before diving with the camera.

The camera has loop recording, which is used for cameras with Car Mode and the camera has a G-Sensor so can at least in theory be used as a dashcam with the right mount. However, I have yet to find an action camera that will actually work effectively in that mode.

Like many more upmarket action cameras it has wifi built in which means the camera generates a mini wifi network of its own which allows attached phone to control the camera and viewed live streamed video. To use it you need to download the “ThiEYE” app from Apple or Android. The Android app is better than most and will stream a decent quality video stream, save images and video to the app as well as give easy access to the otherwise rather hard to negotiate camera settings. I was not able to test the iOS version of the app.

On balance I would say this is an excellent buy for the money and at the mid range price of just under £46 the price it is not too dear.

This is a excellent quality mid level camera and has a styling and design that lifts it above the run of the mill budget action cams. and if you enjoy using it you may want to shell out more in the future for a high end model.

Full Disclosure: I received this product free or at a discount in exchange for a fair and honest review.

The Good
Great price
Good video quality
170° Angle of view
4K video
120 fps Slow motion
FHD @ 60fps
128GB card support
Good Android app
Nice packaging
Car mode

The Bad
No SD card included
Slow motion could be faster
Not all items in user guide supplied
No carry bag
Small range of mounts supplied

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