Creoly Classic Black Handmade Leather Journal Notebook (15 x 20cm)

This is clearly a hand made item. The leather is soft and smooth and in not in any way like the cheap PU or bonded leather used in some cheap imported items. The paper is again handmade and from eco friendly sources and looks unlike the paper found in cheaper rival products. This does mean that the paper is not as brilliantly white as bleached modern papers which may be a drawback for artists or those seeking to use the book for sketching. Others may find this an advantage.

The book consists of a single large piece of leather wrapped around to form the cover with the paper insert glued to the front and back inside faces of the cover. This means the book is not a perfect bind but more of a wrapper for the paper insert. That said, it does not seem possible to replace the paper when every page is used, you would have to buy a new book which seems rather wasteful. The book is flexible and could be easily carried in a pocket or bag when on the move. I am not convinced that the binding would be strong enough for sustained use as a workbook or sketchbook when on the road. Also, the copy I received had some loos and torn pages, perhaps to be expected considering it is a handmade artisan product.,

This a finely made quality sketchbook that needs to be lovingly handled to get the best from it. It may not be suitable for use as a day to day workbook but perhaps saved for special use.

Full Disclosure: I received this product free or at a discount in exchange for a fair and honest review.

The Good
Nicely presented
Good quality leather
Good quality paper

The Bad
No way to secure strap
Some pages damaged
Doubts as to long term durability
Paper non replaceable

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