DETU 360 Degree Spherical Panorama VR Camera

It had to happen. Following in the wake of the Samsung Gear 360, Insta360, Kodak PIXPRO SP360 and other high end and high priced 360 degree cameras, budget rivals from China would be sure to enter the market. This one under test today is the first I have encountered.

In the small but attractive box are the camera itself, a USB to micro-USB charging cable, a carry bag, GoPro mount, cleaning cloth, 16GB micro-SD card, a User Guide, a A4 Startup Guide. The build quality seems fine. The camera is made of plastic but has a metal tripod mount on the base. It seems robust enough and is well made.

On the front are four buttons: Mode, Wifi On/Off, shutter, Power On/Off. There are LED’s for Wifi, Camera mode, Video mode,Power On. A bright red LED surrounds the shutter button to indicate the current recording state. On the rear of the camera there is a grommet protected bay containing the micro-USB port, micro-USB card slot, and micro HDMI port. On the bottom of the camera is the metal tripod mount. The enclosed documentation is fine so far as it goes. It is nicely printed and easy to read but only covers the operation of the camnera and does not describe how to use the app.

The app is designed to be used with the ‘Dectu Camera’ app which I downloaded from the Android Play Store. The camera will work perfectly well without the app but it is needed to set the camera resolution and some other advanced settings as well as to stream video and stitch videos – but I was unable to find out how to do this. It may well be easier to use the iPhone app but this I was not able to try.

Connecting the camera to the app is simple enough. Press the Wifi button on the camera and connect to it from your phone. This can be easily done from the phone app. Once connected you can stream live video, fine tune the camera settings, play and delete video and pictures on the memory card. There is a cloud storage option but I have not yet tried this yet. Apparently the app can also stitch videos together and also access additional modes such as Fisheye, Panorama, Planet, Hemisphere or VR mode but again this I have not been able to figure out yet. There is a help section in the app but it is in Chinese only. When I first connected I was offered an Over the Air update for the camera firmware and this worked perfectly.

Picture and video quality seems fine. The camera itself is easy to operate and gives good results, better than I was expecting at true FHD with lower resolutions also available.

Despite the problems I have had with this device , I am still happy to give it a favourable rating due to the good video quality and the potential it has after the documentation is sorted out. If you want a fisheye lens camera that is easy to use then this would be a good buy, a better one yet when the app and documentation is sorted out.

The Good
Good price
FHD video
Real time video streaming to app
GoPro mount
Tripod mount
OTA firmware update
P2P app setup

The Bad

Poor User Guide
Wifi light too dim
Android App confusing to use
Battery cannot be exchanged
Cannot find how to access stitching, VR and other features

More info and purchase