iMuto 30000mAh 3-Port Power Bank

With a capacity of 30000 mAh this is one of the most capacious powerbanks that I have ever tested but in fact is smaller in both size and weight than some other less powerful I have used. I suppose that shows how technology is advancing.

The powerbank arrived nicely packaged in a sensible cardboard box robust enough to store the unit in if needed. Supplied with the powerbank was a short USB to micro-USB charging cable, a soft carry bag, and a small but well written and easy to read User Guide, not that you are likely to need to read it.

The device is smaller than I expected but is quite thick and chunky. It seems very robust and well made and capable of surviving a knock or two. On the front is a small LED display to show the remaining battery power. On one side is the only control, a simple Off/On switch and on the other the micro-USB power-in port. On the front there are three USB charging ports rated at 5V/3.1A (Max.), 5V/2A, 5V/1A respectively. All three can be used concurrently and the port at 3.1A is most powerful I have ever encountered on this sort of powerbank. They are all smart ports and will detect the requirements of the connected device and output exactly the power level needed.

I tested it with my Nexus 6P phone and my iPad and found the charging times to be fast with no sign of overheating either from the powerbank or connected device.

It is a pity that there is no USB-C port, strange indeed as iMuto powerbanks of a smaller capacity feature them. Also, unlike with many other rivals there is no LED flashlight. Some powerbanks features a range of novelty add-ons which are of use to no one but there are times when a flashlight might be handy. No matter, as this unit performs its core function perfectly.

This is a powerful and capacious powerbank, free from whistles and bells that performs one task and does it superbly well. It is quite heavy and fairly bulky so be sure you need a powerbank of this capacity before purchasing.

The Good
Great price
Good User Guide
Carry bag
Smart charging
Robust design
LED display

The Bad
No USB C ports
No Flashlight

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