Vernee Apollo Lite Smartphone

This new high end phone from Chinese manufacturer Vernee arrived in a simple but attractive packaging less high end and Apple like than some I have received but good looking and very suitable for gifting. Inside the box along with the phone itself was a two pin EU USB charging adapter, a User Guide, a USB charging cable and a SIM card extraction key. Separately packaged were the The KKmoon phone stand and UK charger..

This phone features the new Mediatek Helio X20 10 core processor about which I know very little but it makes the phone very snappy and responsive in use. It has a massive 4GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage (but also has an 128GB SD card slot), 5MP+16MP cameras, 5.5inch IGZO1920 x1080 368PPI Corning Gorilla Glass 3 screen and comes running a close to pure Android 6 OS. It has a surprisingly small 3180mAh Li-Poly Battery battery, which is claimed to charge from 0 to 75% within 30 Minutes, using the USB Type-C port on the bottom of the phone. On the rear of the phone below the camera is the fingerprint sensor.

Build quality is excellent for the price. The phone has a metal unibody shell but weighs just 176g and sits nicely in the hand although it is not so slim as some rivals.. The use of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for the screen is a nice touch for a phone in this price range. The fingerprint sensor allows the user to log into the phone and for in-app security is good but not so reliable in use as that on the Nexus 6P but still an innovation for the price band.

At just 1080P the screen is not the best I have seen but it is very bright, looks good and can be shut right down for nighttime use in away many high rivals cannot. Some people might find the display temperature a bit cool but I think this can be adjusted from the phone MiraVision options, although this I have not tried to do. The 3180mAh non removable battery I found gave me about a day and a half of normal use between charges and should be no problem for most users that charge up nightly. Battery life is OK but by no means the best I have encountered or close to it.

I was very pleased to see that the phone was supplied largely free of bloatware. Too many Android phones are heavily skinned and full of useless apps that are encoded in ROm and cannot be removed. Not so here. There is a custom launcher but it is not horrible and can be easily replaced with the Google Now launcher or any other you prefer from the Google Play store.

Many non premium phones (and some high end devices) cut corners with the camera and the camera software. Both cameras here are good quality and capable of giving excellent quality results. The included camera software, is intuitive and easy to use and better in my opinion that Google’s own. The main Samsung supplied camera has a wide f / 2.0 aperture and can cope with 4K video very well. However, as with many non flagship cameras the quality deteriorates markedly in low light conditions. There is no slow motion recording option

It is a dual-SIM, dual-standby phone, unusual and hard to find in the UK. This one supports all current UK 4G bands including 800Mhz however no UK network currently uses the supported 2100Mhz. The phone has a two separate SIM card trays which also holds the microSD card for additional data storage up to 128GB. You can use either one SIM and SD card or two SIM cards, not two SIMS and the memory card.

In use the phone is snappy and responsive, feels good in the hand, looks fantastic and is a pleasure to use. Photos and videos are good quality and although not the very best I have seen will stand up well against most phones twice the price of this one.

Phone calls are good quality with a clear reproduction either end. Music sounds great through both standard and Bluetooth headphones and not too bad through the built in speaker..

This feels and looks like a high end, quality, phone and not the budget priced device that it is. It is fast and snappy to use, has a great screen and two decent cameras. It has some unusual features which you may or may not like as and is pretty close to stock Android being largely free from the usual bloatware.

For the current price this must be one of the best Android phones on the market..

The Good
Nice packaging
Great price
Good build quality
Android 6 OS
Minimum bloatware
USB Type-C port
Good display with good viewing angles
Gorilla glass 3
2.4Ghz and 5.Ghz wifi
Dual SIM trays
SD card slot

The Bad
No AC wifi
Cameras not good in low light
No slow motion video
Battery life could be better
No wireless charging
Dual SIM use only possible with no SD card
No headset included
Bluetooth 4.0 only

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