Lasmex H120 Closed Back Hi-fi Stereo Headphones

When I was first offered these headphones to review they were priced at, as I recall, £92 reduced from £149 but now as I write the review no price is listed so I will be unable to judge them on price, just on their quality.

Lasmex certainly understand the importance of presentation and how important it is to make a good initial impression.  Only last week I tried aheadset almost the equal of this in sound quality and although priced at £100 it was presented in a plain brown cardboard box and with no case or User Guide. No problems like that here. The headset arrived packaged in a huge and elaborate and very posh box. Inside the box were the headset,  hard carry case, two audio cables and  a well printed and easy to read User Guide.

The build quality is excellent although the headset is rather lighter in weight and less robust feeling  than I was expecting. The headset cups and band are of metal with the cups sporting a high gloss gunmetal appearance. The padding is very soft and makes the headset very comfortable to wear although it was a little thinner than I would have hoped for, particularly on the headband. The cup supports which swivel and are extendable  do so with a smooth but secure feel. The two cables are rubberised with gold plugs. Both feel well made and are virtually identical but one has a single button in-line control box which the other lacks.The hard carry case also continues the upmarket feel and is robust, smooth and has a shaped  internal support for the headset and is secured with a zip fastener. Annoyingly, the hard case lacks a handle and internal pocket to store the cables and User Guide. The User Guide is nicely printed and easy to read and I append a scan of it to my unboxing video.

Turning now to the most important feature of any headset, the audio quality, and bearing in mind that this is not a low end device I was still most  impressed by the sound. The bass is full and detailed but without the booming overload of Dr Dre. Lasmex got it pretty much right. Mid tones are clear and detailed and the sound is very warm and comfortable and perhaps lacking a little in brightness in the upper frequencies, at least to my ears. That said this is still an above average headset even when judged as a high end unit as regards sound quality.

Not everything is good. These days I would expect every headset except for the very cheapest or most  specialised high end units to include Bluetooth connectivity but this one does not. Also, the headset is lightweight and comfortable but at price of perhaps being a bit delicate and even flimsy in construction. The hard case could have been designed better and the presentation verges on the overkill.

This is a excellent sounding headset, looks great too and with presentation to match the audio quality. With that in mind this sounds, feels, and looks like a high end product for which I would be happy to pay about £100.

The Good

Attractive design

Great sound quality

Comfortable to wear

Well made rigid case

Two audio cables

Good in-line controls

Folding design

The Bad

No Bluetooth

Lightweight construction

No handle or inner carry case pocket

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