Ricoh SP150W- A4 Black and White Desktop Laser Printer


This is a simple but decent quality table top wifi/USB laser printer. Ricoh 408005 SP150SUW A4 Black and White Multi-functional Desktop Laser Printer is the same product is available but which also features a scanner.

One of the main selling points of this printer is the small size and once out of the box it is surprising just how small it is. It is about the same footprint as a large laptop and as thick as a medium sized dictionary. The paper loads vertically at the back, 50 sheets at a time, like a typewriter with a paper tray flap to support it. The printed paper then emerges from a slot at the front, so it is a simple and worry free paper path which should make freeing paper jams easy. The top of the device opens up like the a laptop to reveal the toner cartridge, paper jam release switch and paper path. On the front is the Off/On button with status LED, on the rear the USB and power ports. There are no other controls and no LCD display panel. There is no Ethernet port so it is wifi or USB only.

To configure and setup the print you must install the software from the included CD to you PC or Mac. There is no way to control the printer directly from the device itself other than to start/stop print jobs. Once installed the usual range of options are available. Setting up for wifi use, the way probably most people will use it, is easy enough. Turn on you computer and ensure it is connected to you home network, connect the printer to the computer by USB cable, press and hold the printer power key for one second to enable wifi setup, insert the software CD to your computer and select Wifi setup from the dialog box which should appear, The printer will then search for and display the wifi networks it detects. Select your network and input the wifi password, and follow the onscreen prompts to complete the process.

Using the printer is easy enough and the Ricoh software and driver makes this a painless experience. It will print at up to 22 pages per minute which is not bad for the size and price of the printer. Print results were fine and streak free and above average for the price point.

This is an excellent little printer and fine for small print jobs and the small size means it can sit on your desktop without getting in the way.

The Good
Good price
Easy to configure
Simple paper path

The Bad
No LCD panel
50 sheet paper tray
No Ethernet port
No 5Ghz wifi
EU not UK plug supplied

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