Farsler ECO-Friendly Creative Full Wooden Ballpoint Pen With Case

This charming and well made £11.99 pen set would make s delightful gift and is well made, attractive and very functional.

The set arrived in a simple cardboard box marked with a bamboo motif. Inside an inner bag was the pen set which consists of a bamboo wood pen with gold metal finishings and a bamboo wood custom case which looks hand made to me. The build quality is excellent both of the pen itself and of the case. The pen feels sturdy and robust and is no throwaway off the shelf product.The pen feels nicely made and and sits well inn the hand.The case is robust and rather elegant and should serve to protect the pen very well.

In using the pen to my surprise it wrote fluidly and well with no dry spots or overflows due to the pen having sat in storage for years. It disassembles from the centre and takes what seem to me to standard inkcartridges.

This is a charming and delightful pen that not only looks good but actually works rather well too.

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