Eaxer Hook and Loop Reusable Fastening Cable Ties

Although I usually use the more traditional plastic zip lock type cable ties I have used ties similar to this in the past but they are usually quite expensive and available only in smaller packs. Priced at just £5.99 for fifty this set of hook and eye 1.2cm X 18cm ties is a very good buy indeed.

Each unit can be looped around within itself to make a secure fixing for cables or similar items, The opening on one end means it can be hung from a hook have other items suspended from it and the universal hook and eye construction means that it can be used in conjunction with other hook and eye or Velcro type pads. Unlike the more common plastic ziplock ties it is easy to unfasten, reposition and reuse the ties, indeed, one slight drawback for me at least is that these ties seem too good to use on bin bags or other situations where the tie will ultimately be lost or discarded despite the low price. Although I suppose there is no real reason why they cannot be used outdoors I would prefer to use plastic ties for garden use because it seems a shame to allow these ties to get wet and dirty.

These ties are best suited for routing cables inside the home or for securing objects to larger velcro style pads. They are versatile and reusable and seem built to last. For the price I can see no reason not to recommend them.

The Good
Great price
Can be used with other hook and eye products
Easy to use

The Bad
Not best suited for outdoor use
May not be as secure as ziplock rivals
Too good to be disposable