GAOMON 6 x 5 Inches Soft Drawing Graphics Tablet

I was not expecting too much from this budget priced graphics tablet and pen set but in fact I was very pleasantly surprised by my experience with it.

Inside the attractive and upmarket display box was the tablet itself, the stylus pen, four spare nibs, pen nib clip, AAA battery, USB cable, software CD, User Guide. Build quality of the set seems fine throughout although the stylus/pen feels a little lightweight even with the battery inserted and perhaps lacks somewhat the quality feel of the rest of the kit although it functions perfectly. The Install Guide is very simple and just tells you how to connect the device and gives a packing list of the contents of the box but little indication how to use it. A full User Guide is included on the CD or can be downloaded from the Geomon website. I include a copy of the Install Guide on my Unboxing Video. I was pleased to see a standard an non proprietary USB cable was used, so no major problems if the cable gets lost.

I installed the device to my Window 10 PC and encountered no issues. You can install the driver, software and User Guide from the included CD although I went to the Gaomon website to be sure I had the most up to date version. Installing went fine and the pen control panel which popped up when I connected the tablet allowed be to adjust pressure sensitivity and map keyboard shortcuts to the two buttons on the pen.

In use the tablet is easy to use and works well with the few applications I tested it with. The rear of the tablet pad is non stick and once in place shows no inclination to move about the desk. Once installed it just worked with no additional configuration needed. Care needs to be taken to store the pen correctly as is explained in the User Guide and it is best to turn the pen Off after use to conserve batteries but apart from that once the software is installed and the tablet connected you don’t need to think about it again.

This is an excellent entry level tablet and at the current Amazon price of under £34 a decided bargain.

The Good
Good build quality
Well printed User Guide
Easy setup
Non slip back
Attractive packaging
Standard USB cable used
Software CD included
Support and updates available online

The Bad
Pen feels a bit lightweight
No carry case

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