Suaoki G19S 1000A Peak 24V 12V Jump Starter

I have seen quite a few of the small sized powerbank style jump starters but this high power £119.99 unit from Suaoki is something very different.

This attractive and cleverly designed unit arrived simply presented but well protected  in a standard product  box  with nothing wasted on pointless and unneeded packaging.

Usually these kits consist of a powerbank, jump lead set with a variety of additional features built into the powerbank often with multiple add on items of varying usefulness. Not so here as this kit focuses on the single key feature of starting the car or truck. In the box you receive: Jump Starter, UK mains charger, Car cigar lighter charger, hanging hook, User Guide. The User Guide is one of the best I have encountered for this sort of device and is well written and laid out, and has been well printed on decent quality paper and best of all is of a size possible to read without a microscope. I attach a scan of it to the end of my unboxing video.

Build quality of everything looks first rate and the unit seems designed for serious heavy duty use.

The powerbank itself packs a capacious 24000mAh, more than enough to start your car multiple times, charge your phone several times over and even power up several tablets. The charging output of the single USB port is a powerful 5V/2.4A . The powerbank can be charged by the supplied mains and car cigar lighter adapters but there is no option to charge using an external USB port, which is a pity. The built in torch is very powerful and as they all do has an SOS mode, which I doubt anybody has ever actually found to be of any use. It will, however, run for many hours straight when from a full charge, which is remarkable. It is a pity there is only the one USB port as a device of this power could easily hand several.I suppose the reason for this is that this device focuses on the core task of starting the engine and is more than just a souped up powerbank. There is no LCD display but four battery level indicators and LEDs to show if it in 12 or 24 volt starting mode.

Starting up the car is easier than you might think and is well covered in the User Guide.  The supplied jump leads are longer than those supplied with the smaller powerbank jump starters and starting the car engine, or even that of a lorry or tractor is easy enough. Yes, this device is also capable of handling large industrial vehicles with 24 volt systems and it is this that marks it off from the small rivals. The device will auto detect automatically switch to the required 12 or 24 voltage  although there is a option manually override to this. Be aware that there is no automatic cutout or protection should the wrong voltage be selected in manual mode. When in normal or automatic modes all the circuitry is fully protected against overloads or shorting.  

This device is much larger and heavier than the cheaper and lesser rivals and may be more than you need if all you want is an emergency starter and powerbank to carry in the boot. This device is designed more for garage use or for industrial or farm vehicles. It has the power needed for these uses and even comes with a hanging hook for garage use. It lacks the whistles and bells of the smaller units – no laptop charging kit, no seat belt cutter, no air pump,, but that is not what this device is about.

This is an excellent all round battery emergency kit and should be in the boot of every car. Not only will it start the car if the vehicle battery fails but it can also power up your phone, tablet or laptop should a power emergency strike.

This is a fantastic buy for the price and probably the best car starting device I have ever tested.

The Good

Great build quality

12v and 24v use

Powerful flashlight

Good price

Emergency hammer

4 LED battery status lights

Full circuit protection in normal use

The Bad

No carry case

No USB charging input

No LCD status panel

No auto off when in manual output mode

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