Sound Intone CX-05 folding Headset

Currently priced at a shade under £18 this nicely made budget headset from Sound Intone arrived attractively packaged in a medium sized blue/green display box. Inside the box aside from the headset itself were a standard mini-jack to mini-jack audio cable with one button inline control box, a similar audio cable with no control box, and a guarantee slip. No user Guide or carry bag was included.

The headset is was better made than I was expecting for the price with metal rather than plastic used for the chassis and Protein leather (whatever that is) used for the earcups. The earcup padding is pretty thin as it that for the headband and there are visible trailing wires leading to the earcups. That aside, the construction quality seems OK to me with no sign of the padding on the band working loose, poor stitching, or weak joints – all elements that have failed on similar headsets I have owned in the past. Time will tell and if something fails in the future I will update the review accordingly.

The headset is supplied with two plain nylon finish anti tangle audio cables, one with a one button control and microphone and but both work perfectly adequately. The headset folds well for storage although the mechanism is a bit stiff.
As always the most important feature of any headset is the audio quality, and bearing in mind that this is a budget device I was fairly happy with the sound. There is a decent amount of bass and it is clear, smooth and undistorted. Mid tones are clear and detailed and very easy to listen to. The sound is rather flat but comfortable and never abrasive or sibilant, at least to my ears. The sound is OK, not bad but nothing to write home about.

This a well made set of headphones, lightweight and comfortable to wear with decent sound quality and at a price that cannot be bettered. These would be a great for use as a backup or as a first set for a youngster.

The Good
Great price
Metal frame
Good build quality
Twin cables
Nylon finish cables
Folding design

The Bad
Thin padding
Protruding wires
No carry bag

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