BC Master IP68 Rugged Unlocked Mobile Phone

This is a phone designed for outdoor use. It is of heavy duty construction, fully waterproof, and clearly made to last. What else does it have to offer?

This new £59.99  rugged phone from BC Master arrived nicely packaged in an attractive budget display box. Aside from the phone itself inside there was a battery, two mains charger, USB charging cable, headphone set, screwdriver, OTG cable, User Guide. No UK charging adapter was supplied but I doubt there is a household in the UK that does not have a dozen of them spare

Build quality of the phone itself is rugged and heavy duty as you would expect for the principle selling point of the phone. The ports are grommet protected and the whole phone is well armoured and fully waterproof to IP68 level – IP rated as “dust tight” and protected against complete, continuous submersion in water (but not deep submersion). The phone has two SIM slots and can operate in dual standy mode. The supplied headphones, with inline control button, are less than perfect but adequate for the job. The colour LCD screen os of a good size and is bright and easy to see. The screen icons are also large and easy to operate. There is a physical keyboard with proper clicky buttons, which is nice. There are no problems for me with the build quality or design externally of the device.

Looking at the other features of the phone is not quite so encouraging. The phone is 2G only and although the lack of 3G and 4G is not to be wondered at and indeed for a rugged phone of this type probably used for extended periods without charging facilities it is probably a positive feature. It has a MP3 and FM radio and they work but using them is not a particularly enjoyable feature. The 0.3Mp 640×480 camera is not good and the less said about it the better but it does record audio and video as well as still images.. The three mode torch is good and bright and works well. However, none of this really matters as I doubt anyone will buy this phone for the features but for the all weather rugged nature of the device and here it is that it really succeeds.

Internally this is a 1990’s era candy bar phone in ruggedised body but with a good quality 2016 screen attached. As a rugged camera for heavy duty prolonged outdoor use it will take bit of beating especially at the current price. Judged as a rugged call making phone only and with the remarkable price in mind it has to be a five star buy.

The Good
Heavy duty build quality
Decent sized screen
Bright display
IP68 waterproof
Dual SIM cards
Removeable battery
Physical keypad
Good User Guide
TF card slot
FM Radio
Pre installed utility apps
Good User Guide

The Bad
Feeble camera
No UK Charger supplied
Old version of Bluetooth

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