WISEWO Android TV Box T95

WISEWO’s new  £38 TV Box comes with a mini keyboard and together and with the powerful Amlogic Amlogic S905 Quad Core processor and Android 5.1 OS makes it an attractive buy. Inside the box along with the unit itself was a UK power adaptor, standard sized remote control, HDMI cable, Keypad, USB charging cable and User Guides for both devices. The build quality seems good although the lengthy User Guide for the TV Box was poorly printed and and hard to read. Nevertheless it was of a reasonable size but not much use as it does not even mention KODI but even so is superior to the usual TV Box manual. The User Guide for the keypad is rather better but smaller in size. I enclose a scanned copy of the important bits of TV Guide at the end of my unboxing video. Switch to full screen and pause as needed to read it.

The package comes across as a good quality product within the budget end of the TV Box market. It has a good number of ports and interfaces: power in, two USB, HDMI, AV, standard speed Ethernet, Micro SD, OTG. It also supports Bluetooth 4 to wirelessly connect additional devices.

Configuration was pretty easy with all the essential apps pre installed. The only real task is to connect to your home network and it has both wifi and Ethernet options available. If you are familiar with Android then this is very simple, non Android users may find this more difficult. Once on the network to get the best from this device you should login to your Google account from it, that way apps can be easily installed via your computer from the Google Play website, Gmail and YouTube will be auto configured at the same time. Straight from the box you will be able to play Netflix, YouTube, local files from USB devices, stream from NAS devices on your home network. Other apps such as BBC iPlayer are offered to easily download and others from the Google Play store.

The standard generic handset is fine but most people will prefer to use the supplied mini keyboard. This is boxed separately and consists of a keypad with a full qwerty keyboard with many extra keys and a USB dongle which plugs into a USB port of the TV Box. The keypad and dongle are already paired so should work straight from the box as soon as the TV Box boots up.

This is a fairly well specified Android TV box. It comes with 1GB RAM and 8GB storage. It features a speedy Amlogic S905 Quad Core processor, a step up from that fitted to the older and slower rivals. It supports only 2.4Ghz wifi and not the faster and less crowded 5Ghz band. However, for best results it is always best to go for an Ethernet cable connection if possible. Although this device features standard 100MB rate only Ethernet it is still far faster and more reliable than wifi. That said, I must also say that in use I have found very little difference between any TV boxes once KODI is installed and running. This one works very well, has an attractive and easy to navigate onscreen menu system and seems stable and fast in use. Two unusual features are the front panel LCD display, which does little more than tell the time, and the small external wifi antenna on the rear which may improve wireless reception in some circumstances.

There are a variety of applications pre installed, some useful and some not, but with time you may discover that like me you find that everything want can be done from Kodi. This device comes with KODI installed but you may wish to check if a later version is available, currently the installed v16.1 is the newest. Kodi uses plug-in type configurations which are volatile in nature and tend to cease working without notice and need to be replaced or updated, A look on Youtube will find a host of guides to getting the best from KODI.

This is an good quality entry level Android TV with the second keypad an added bonus. Although it is perfectly capable of getting the job done it has fewer ports than some rival devices and misses out on some high end features. The bonus keypad and powerful processor coupled with the attractive price makes it a five star buy for me. Without the keypad I would have knocked a star off as there are cheaper better specified models available.

The Good

LCD Display
Excellent price
Many essential apps pre installed including Kodi
Good build quality
All necessary cables supplied
Quad core processor

External antenna
Keypad supplied

The Bad
Can be complicated configure for non Android users
Kodi can be challenging for new users
No handset batteries supplied
Poor User Guide
No Gigabit LAN
No 5Ghz wifi

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