KING DO WAY Polyester Double Dog Pet Leash

We have a Whippet and a much smaller Jack Russell cross and I was not sure if a double lead would be suitable for them but in fact this well made and simple lead from KING DO WAY currently on offer at £2.28 suited them perfectly. Previously walking them with separate leads could get a bit fraught but now it is a much easier job.

There lead arrived simply packed in a plastic bag within which was just the lead itself, nothing else was included or needed. The lead consists of a metal loop with two short leads permanently attached to it each with a sturdy metal clip on the end. Attach your existing dog lead to the central loop and each clip to the dog’s collar. It is quick and easy to attach and once in place seems very secure. The dogs seem happy to pull together and did not get themselves tangles up as I thought they might. In fact when fully extended the double leash makes it difficult for the dogs to get too entangled but is wide enough to give each dog freedom of movement.

The build quality seems fine with the loop and clips being made from what seems to be stainless steel. The leash itself is a little lighter in weight than I would have preferred but seems very robust and well made. The price is excellent and if you have two dogs I can think of no reason why not to give this leash a try.


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