NICEKER LED TV Backlight lighting Kit

I have tested many LED lighting strips but they nearly all tend to be too long or else powered by bulky transformers plugged into the mains. I have been looking for a 1M simple to set up kit such as this and as this is powered by a normal USB socket it means it can be used almost anywhere.

The kit arrived in a plain no frills plastic bag with the LED strip supplied in a film strip type cartridge wheel. Nothing else was included and there was no instruction leaflet, which was a pity and no remote control which is a pity also. Build quality seems fine and this does not feel like a low end device.

There is no assembly required. The unit comes with a standard USB plug with a small in-line three button controller built in which controls Colour, Mode. Speed and On/Off. The controller unit is well made and the buttons clearly labelled. You can cut the self adhesive LED strip to the length you want at the designated cutting points and it can be bent or folded to go around corners. It is powered by a standard USB plug and requires just a 1A feed almost any USB socket should give enough power to operate it.

Configuring it can be tricky at first as it offers any combination of nineteen colours, eighteen lighting modes, and a graduated choice of brightness levels. However it is easy enough to just play around with until you get the effect you require.The modes on offer are mainly various colours flashing at different speeds, colour fades and chasing sequences etc. You will be sure to find what you need eventually.

If you need a 1M fully combustible LED lighting strip that can be positioned and used almost anywhere then you will be lucky to find better than this., Oh yes, and the price is good too!

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