Mollygan Unisex Slippers

The thing with slippers is to see how well they last. I have had clippers that were lovely and comfortable but fell apart after a couple of weeks so this review will have to be based on my initial impressions but if they do not last or disintegrate after a fortnight I will update the review and star rating accordingly.

The slippers arrived simply presented in a clear plastic bag, no box or other items included. whilst this is eco friendly and good for the planet it does reduce the appeal of the item slightly as a gift. The slippers did have tags on and had internal padding to ensure their shape was kept.

The slippers seem very nicely made. They have what seem to be tough and quite thick rubber soles and the uppers are thick and warm. The fleecy part at the top will fold over for additional warmth around the heel and ankle. They have a suede type finish and because of this I would not want to venture out of the house in them too far as I suspect they might be difficult to clean successfully if mud or water gets on them. The stitching seems fine and there is no sign of the uppers looking likely to work loose. I am a UK size nine and these slippers fitted me perfectly. However, I would advise size ten wearers to go for the next size up and I would consider the advertised size 9/10 to be a snug sized 9.

These are good quality slippers, warm, comfortable and well made but if in doubt buy a size larger than usual.

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