NALATI 3 Compartment Food Containers

Priced at just £12.98 for a set of ten containers this has to be looked on as a bargain but corners have been cut in order to achieve that low price.

The set consists of ten identical plastic food grade Freezer and Dishwasher safe sealable containers each with three separate food compartments of size suitable for a small meal for one person. The set is nicely presented in a plain plastic bag with an attractive colour wrap around card retainer.

Build quality feels distinctly lightweight and care needs to be taken when removing each container lid that the plastic does not split or break. This is clearly lightweight plastic and not tupperware, That said, if care is taken then the product will work well and last a decent length of time and this is no more than could be expected.for the price.

To use the container a small portion of food can be added to each tray compartment and the lid clipped in place to make a seal. It can then be transferred to the fridge or freezer for storage. Once sealed the lid is pretty secure and is unlikely to come off without a fight unless dropped. Washing is easy enough either in the sink or dishwasher.

This is a simple and well made product that does the job well at a bargain price.

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