Decen French Press Coffee Maker

The £24.99 coffee maker I received from Decen had a few minor scuffs to the top and the box was in a bad way too but no doubt this was because mine was a review unit, hopefully the retail item you receive will be perfect. The plain white box served the main purpose of protecting the product within but it did not reflect the quality or mirror the attractiveness of the Cafetiere itself. Products such as this are often chosen as gifts and the Cafetiere would serve this purpose better if presented in a more upmarket way.

This is a lovely coffee jug. It is large, well made and easy to use. It is made of stainless steel and has a good weighty feel to it. It neither looks nor feels like a budget item. Part of the added weight is due to the double walled construction which serves to keep the coffee warm and to retain that freshly brewed taste. This perhaps leads to another minor problem with the device. There is no liquid level window so it is hard to tell just how much coffee is in there. I would guess that fitting a liquid viewing window would defeat the point of the double wall and for me this is a price worth paying.

Using the Cafetiere was easy and as simple as with any other similar coffee maker I have tried. No problems here.

This is an attractive and well designed Cafetiere that does more than just makes your coffee but keeps it warm too.

The Good
Great build quality
Cool touch wall and handle
Attractive design
Easy to use
Dishwasher safe

The Bad
Unattractive packaging
No liquid level window

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