Vogue of Eden Women’s Giraffe Print Oversized Slouch Jumper

With Christmas on the way I was very pleased to try this new Christmas themed jumper from Vogue of Eden. It arrived nicely packaged and with tags in place. It is described as being oversize, well I am not so sure about that. It fitted my 5’3″ partner fine but I would say it was a loose fit. I even tried wearing it myself and it would work as a regular (if slimfit) jumper for me. I was hoping for the Christmas giraffes mentioned on the description of this garment but disappointingly the item I received was the same as in the picture and featured festive reindeer.

The garment is made from 80% wool and 20% cotton and according to the label should be hand washed at 10 degrees C – yes, 10 degrees C -and line dried only. So don’t boil it in bleach. It is very well made with no poor stitching or hanging threads and looks like it could have come from Marks and Spencers. It feels very soft to the touch and is thick enough to be warm without being too enveloping. It has a Christmas theme but not so much so that you could not get away with wearing it at other times. It would be great for skiing or winter holiday use.

This is a delightful garmen, well made, warm and attractively designed. The one size fits all jumper is large but not enormous but should be fine for anyone of more or less normal height and build. The current discount price of £22.99 makes it very attractive as an Xmas gift for yourself or loved ones.

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