NetBoat Waterproof Latex Cleaning Gloves

Often with Chinese made items of clothing or things to be worn they have a tendency to be too small for the UK market. Not so here. The three pairs of gloves I received were marked as medium sized and fitted me well and I am a male with quite large hands. They are quite long and stretch well up the forearm when worn.

The gloves arrived individually packed in attractive bags clearly designed for the Chinese domestic market as all the markings were in that language. The gloves are white in colour with each pair having differently coloured fingers, useful I suppose to separate gloves used for different tasks. The gloves are well made from a latex rather thicker and more robust than I was expecting and these are not the semi disposable type that will split after a few uses. With careful use I would see these gloves lasting for a reasonable length of time and are robust enough to be washable and reused as often as necessary.

At just £6.99 for three pairs the price cannot be faulted and is cheaper than the flimsier rivals available from the supermarkets., If you need some strong rubber gloves for general household use then these would be a great buy.

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