E-PRANCE Stainless Steel Coffee Canister ( 1.5L)

This attractive and well made 1.5Ltr coffee canister from E-PRANCE arrived nicely packaged in an attractive presentation box making it doubly suitable as a gift. Inside was the canister itself and a cleverly designed stainless steel serving spoon.

The canister, which can be used for coffee, nuts or any other foodstuffs to be kept dry and airtight, is well made and although made of stainless steel is surprisingly lightweight. It has a plastic or maybe silicon seal which keeps it airtight and makes screwing the lid in place simpler. The inside of the lid has a similar finish to it. A clever feature is the magnetic fixing of the spoon to the inside of the lid for storage, a simple idea but not one I have seen used in this way before.

This is a handsome canister, well made and cleverly designed and at the current price of just £15.90 is a worthwhile addition to your kitchen.

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