Petacc Double Dog Leash

I recently started using a dual leash for our dogs, a whippet and a Lakeland Jack Russell cross and found the difference in size was not the problem I thought it might be. The connecting leash we use is fine but feels a bit lightweight and so I was pleased to try this new leash which is much heavier and better made.

The leash consists of a connecting lead which has a central O ring with individual leashes to attach to the dog collars coming from it. The connecting leash is heavyweight and well made with an attractive wrinkled effect sheath around the inner cord. The main lead which is clipped to the connecting leash is heavy duty and with a padded grip and can be used as a normal lead for a single dog if required. The clips on the connecting leash and lead are all of the same design, of stainless steel and heavy duty. The clips are large open easily, wide and are simple to fit.

When used with the supplied lead the dogs feel well restrained and are easy to control and walking them is a pleasure even when they are excited and pulling heavily. It is possible to use the connecting leash with other leads and I tried this with the usual long extending lead I use with the cheaper connecting leash but it did not work well. The heavier weight of the connecting leash tended to pull down and tangle the dogs up. It is best therefore to use the dual lead as supplied and when doing so it works well.

This is an extremely well made lead and looks upmarket and I would expect to pay £25+ for a similar quality double lead set from a high street pet shop. At the current price of £14.75 it is a bargain buy indeed.

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