INLIFE K8 Automatic Vacuum Sealer

I received my machine nicely presented in an attractive box with the device very well protected by large bubble packs at either end. Along with the vacuum sealer inside the box was the User Guide and a small selection of vacuum bags.

Build quality seems excellent. The unit is smaller than I was expecting but will handle bags up to 30cm wide. The UK plug power cable tucks neatly into the back for storage. The controls are simple. On the top are illuminated buttons for Start/Stop, Vacuum sealing, Vacuuming cancel, Non Vacuum sealing, When the lid is raised on the lower right a button for using a tube (not provided) to remove air from external storage containers can be seen. On either side are buttons which unlock the lid. The User Guide is large, well written and easy to read.

It has four operating modes: heat sealed with auto vacuum, heat seal no vacuum, manual vacuum seal, air suction via tube. For normal use just fill your bag with food and lay the trailing edge along the sealing strip inside the unit. Press the top shut until it clicks and then press the Start/Stop button and wait until the operation automatically ceases. Press the side buttons to open the lid. The other operating modes are equally simple to use. The operation is nice quick and the device makes no more than a mild hum when the pump is in use.

The current price of £56.99 is good, the machine works really well, quiet and quick and is more versatile in use than I was expecting. The high gloss finish of the unit makes it an absolute fingerprint magnet which is the only criticism I have of it.

The Good
Good price
Excellent User Guide
Bags provided
Easy to use
Low noise
Small footprint
Four operating modes

The Bad
Fingerprint magnet
No suction tube provided for non bag use

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