Wantek Corded Dialpad Headset (T800M1)

As people increasingly work from home we can find a need for equipment formerly only used in the office or workplace finding a way into the domestic environment. If you work from a home or small office and find yourself continually dealing with phone calls then you may well have a need for this self contained call centre phone kit from Euroarama.

In the rather plain and business like product box was the dialpad, headset, phone cable, and User Guide. The dialpad is robust and well made with proper clicky buttons. On the front are the usual numeric buttons and in addition buttons for Call Transfer, Mute,Pause, On/Off. There are LEDs for Mute, In Use and Ringer. On the rear of the device are ports for telephone line-in and line-out, switch for setting Call Transfer (Flash), Ringer Off/On, Tone/Pulse selection. On one side are the ports for the headset and recording jacks, on the other side are speaker and microphone volume level dials. All is explained in the excellent User Guide which is large, well written and easy to read and I include a scan of it on the end of my unboxing video.The headset has a fully adjustable boom mic and has a comfortable on-ear faux padded leather earpiece, which feels far nicer than the cheaper foam padded earcups often used. The headset feels comfortable and light in use and I would guess would be fine for extended use.

Call quality seems fine on both ends of the conversation and although I was not able to test Call Transfer I have no reason to suppose it functions any less well than the headset does in other respects.

If you need a call centre type phone unit for home or office use then I doubt you will find a better one for the £49.99 price of this one..
The Good
Great price
Excellent build quality
Comfortable earpiece with leather cup
External recording socket
Good call quality
Call transfer
Mute button
Excellent User Guide
Mic volume control

The Bad
Hook not provided with this model
No storage case
No line-out cable

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