UBLISS Foldable Bread Slicer

Firstly, I should say that this little device does the job it is designed to do. It does allow home made and other artisan type breads to be cut into thin and neat slices. Using it is easy enough and four slice thicknesses are available: 1.5cm / 2cm / 2.4cm / 3cm.

I am not sure if I am using it correctly but my first attempt is included in my unboxing video where I took a slice from a rather stale home made loaf of a type usually suitable only for doorstep slices. After positioning the bread into the slicer you need to carefully insert the knife into the slots above the bread and then support the bread from the front as you slice. Take care how you orientate your hands at this point. The video shows it made a perfectly good job of cutting the bread. I had to struggle with it a bit to both make the cut and hold the device steady but that is probably more due to the nature of the bread than the slicer.

The device feels a bit lightweight and flimsy to me. I would have been happier to have paid more for a more robust and better made slicer with a decent non slip base. For just £7.89 you cannot expect too much and for this price it is still a good buy and after all it does get the job done..

The Good
Good price
Easy to use
Folds up for storage
Choice of cutting thickness

The Bad
Flimsy construction
No non slip base

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