YaPeach Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

I already own a rather expensive Philips Wake-Up light and was interested to see how this budget rival compared to it.

The unit arrived packaged in a reasonably attractive display box but lacked the stylish and expensive presentation of the Philips. Inside was the lamp itself, a short USB power cable, and a User Guide. Build quality is good for the price and the lamp looks quite stylish and attractive. The rear kick stand for some reason cannot be removed which means wall mounting is not an option and it would take up more space when stored out of the box. The permanently connected trailing antenna is ugly but I suppose is easy enough to conceal. The User Guide is large and easy to read and makes a pleasant change from the tiny poorly printed manuals so often received.

Setting the device up is reasonably easy using the four buttons on the rear and when configured you have the option to awoken by a combination of light and sounds. You can chose between six nature sounds or the FM radio. The lighting will come on half an hour before the sounds and gradually increase in brightness. For some reason there is no snooze facility and no option to be awoken by the light alone. The device functions well as a reading lamp and has a choice of four colours should you want them. You can vary the light brightness or colour presets but not the colour temperature of the white light. The default white is a warm and relaxing one however. It has a built in FM tuner which will auto remember the stations it detects but it seems there is no way to delete unwanted stations from the list. The built in speaker is pretty dire so I doubt many people will spend time listening to it and perhaps that makes all the more effective as an alarm clock.

This device looks nice once set up, and is quite stylishly designed. It performs all the basic features well enough and works well as an incremental wake-up alarm clock and bedside lamp. The build quality although perfectly acceptable is on the cheap side and certainly cannot compare to my Philips unit – but that cost more than four times the price of this one.

This is a decent quality device and although not as good as much more expensive rivals is still a good buy at the current price of just £27.99.

The Good
Great price
Attractive lighting options
Nature sounds
Battery operation mode
No silent wake up option
Auto clock dimming
Good User Guide
Dawn simulation wake up mode

The Bad
Non removable kick stand
Ugly trailing radio antenna
Batteries not included
Radio button poorly located
No alarm snooze feature
Radio selections cannot be deleted
Poor audio quality

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