Satechi 7-Port USB Charging Station

As with all Satechi products this new charging station is superbly well designed, looks fantastic and is presented well although perhaps not quite so stylishly as some of the products I have tried of theirs. Inside the box was the charger unit itself, a external power transformer, velcro straps, a UK mains lead, a Europlug two min mains lead and a well written and easy to read User Guide.

I was a little disappointed when first viewing the product as I was expecting the aluminium or alloy body that is often a hallmark of Satechi but in this case the body of the unit was of plastic but I daresay that may have been to save weight and production costs.No cables are included, whih is a real pity as when used with long cables the devices can looks messy, confused and ugly. I would be happy to pay extra for a selection of short cables designed for use with this device. A set of velcro ties are included to keep cables in order but this does not really solve the issue. It has seven output ports: 3x 5v/1A, two 5v/2.4A, two 5V/3A type-C. It is a pity all the standard USB ports cannot output at up to 2.4A. The ports are all Smart and will output only the correct power for each unit. The unit has anti-scratch silicone pads to support inserted devices but it is a pity too that at least one of those uprights could not have supported induction charging. Another bind for me is that the device has a large external PSU and it is a pity one could not have been incorporated into the body but perhaps this could lead to overheating issues.

Build quality is up to the usual Satechi high standard and when in use with short cables it looks rather impressive. This is a well made device and I am sure should last for years if treated right. It has performed perfectly for me so far and seems reliable and stable in use. It has some drawbacks but a the end of the day the build quality and functionality makes up for all.

This is not a cheap item at £57.99 but in this world you get what you pay for. If you want a stylish and upmarket charger to keep all your phones and tablets in order than this could be for you.

The Good
Attractive design
Smart Charging
Good build quality

The Bad
No cables included
Plastic body
Large external PSU
Low power output on some ports

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