PowerLead SPA-005 Air Purifier System

This attractive and most unusual air purifier from Powerlead arrived very attractive presented in a stylish heavy duty box inside of which was the device itself together with a short USB to micro-USB power lead and a small but well printed and easy to read User Guide in good English.

This strikes one as being a quality device from first opening the box. The air purifier is large, much larger at 12.9″ high than I was expecting but it looks all the more impressive because of it. It is made of a matt finish off white plastic with a medium sized fan hidden behind a black grill on the top of a chunky stand which has an array of holes to the front either for decoration or to emit negative ions from the ioniser unit inside. It is powered by a micro-USB port on the rear with next to it three buttons which control Power Off/On, Oscillation Off/On, and Oscillation/fan speed.Yes, the device oscillates when in use as the head slowly rotates to allow the fan to suck in unfiltered air from across the room, the built in (CADR filter to clean it before being expelled by the fan at the front along with negative ions to make the air feel fresher and precipitate dust. I did not realise it had a fan at first because it was so quiet. Turning the device up and putting my head close to the device allowed me to hear the gentle purr of the fan and the gentle exhalation of filtered air from the front. The description on this page makes mention of an oil diffuser function but the User Guide does not refer to this and I see no sign of this function when examining the unit.

This is a high quality device with eye catching looks that is clearly well made and cleverly engineered. It certainly seemed to lift the atmosphere of my office when using it and I left it feeling refreshed and alert, an unusual occurrence for me. It seems a bit on the expensive side to me but others no doubt have better taste than me.

The Good
Stylish packaging
Great build quality
Attractive and unusual design
Almost silent operation
Easy to read User Guide

The Bad
No information about replacement filters
No mention of Oil Diffusing
USB cable too short
Fan function weak

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