Geekeep TV Backlight for TV RGB Led Light Strip 2 x 50cm

I have a couple of other TV LED kits and whilst they have worked OK none of them have been particularly user friendly, supplied with worthwhile manuals or been simple to configure and setup without one. Not so here this new TV lights kit from Geekeep. This kit contains all you need to get going including a good quality User Guide and a remote control, items lacking from many lesser rivals.

The kit is supplied in an attractive product box rather than the generic plain box often used and consists of two 50cm LED strips (which can be cut to length) one of which has additional cabling, small junction box with interfaces for the LED strips self adhesive cable clip set, USB to proprietary power in cable, remote control, User Guide.

Build quality seems fine and unlike with the no-name rivals the components do not feel flimsy and about to fall apart. The User Guide although small is well written in proper English and is printed in colour on decent quality paper. I attach a scan of it to my unboxing video.

Setting the device up is simple enough and excellent though it is the User Guide is not really needed as there is only one way the components can be physically connected. The multi button remote control although a bit daunting at first is easy enough to figure out although it is well explained in the manual. The supplied USB power cable is short but in most cases the lights will be powered from the USB socket on the TV for which it is the perfect length.

Once up and running the remote control allows a wide combination of colours, brightness, sequences and lighting patterns to be configured although probably most people will opt for a single colour glow to blend better with the TV in a darkened room. I could not see how to configure the light setting from the device itself, so take care not to lose the remote.

This is easily the best TV backlighting kit I have tried so far and at just £10.99 is an excellent buy.

The Good
Twin customisable LED strips
Remote control
Good User Guide
Attractive packaging

The Bad
Custom USB plug used
Colours cannot be set with the remote control

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