Homdox Plus 50oz 1.5L Blender

You cannot expect much of a blender for just £33.99 but in fact I was most pleasantly surprised by this new unit from Homdox. This standard sized device looks very similar to most other blenders on sale for general use and is not a cut down or single drink sized unit.

The blender arrived well protected but plainly packaged in a simple brown cardboard box. It would have been nicer and made a far more attractive gift had it been packaged in a more upmarket way. Low end packaging is cheaper and more eco friendly but does tend to devalue expectations of the product. This is a good quality item and deserves presenting as such. Inside the box was the blender base unit, the mixing jug and a User Guide. The build quality of the components seems first rate and better than I was expecting. The base unit containing the motor is well made but looks a bit cheap, the 48oz capacity mixing jug is made of solid heavyweight glass and not the plastic I was expecting. The blades of the motor are of high quality titanium tipped stainless steel and should be capable of chopping and desiccating most things that come their way. The User Guide is large sized in good English and easy to read.

Using the unit is simplicity itself and the single front knob follows the convention of PULSE/OFF/SPEED 1/SPEED 2. No other controls and nothing else to worry about. The motor is rated at 500w and is not the most powerful on the market but should perfectly adequate for most jobs including iced smoothies and cold drinks.

I have found the device works fine for making soups, smoothies and general purpose kitchen use. I am not so keen on the design of the base unit, which to e looks a little cheap and I daresay if pushed to the limit this device could not match in speed or capacity high end devices costing several times this price. However, for general kitchen use in a normal household this blender is fine.

The Good
Great price
Good build quality
Heavy duty glass jug
Two speed
Good User Guide

The Bad
Unattractive design
Cheap packaging

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