GGMM M4 Portable Wireless Speaker

These are high quality speakers and they are presented as such in a large and impressive rather posh box. Presentation is of the greatest importance when marketing an expensive and up market product such as this and is important that it looks worth the £149.99 asking price. Attractive presentation also adds to the appeal of the item as a gift.

Inside of the box which was the speaker itself, a UK mains power transformer with cable, a mini-jack to mini-jack speaker cable, leather strap, and a well written and easy to read User Guide. I append a copy of the User Guide to my unboxing video

The speaker is unlike any other I have tested in appearance with a wood and leather body and three large black speaker grills on the front face. The looks are striking and although not to my taste I am sure many users will appreciate it. On the top is the control panel, which features five brushed aluminium buttons for Power, Volume Up, Volume down, Mode and Bass Boost. There are LED’s for Bass Boost, Power and Mode buttons.The user guide is well written and easy to understand but is rather confusingly laid out – a few more pages and a bit more white space would have been good.

The s Power LED, flashing, stable or off indicates the charging and battery status. The Bass Boost LED indicates if this has been enabled or not. The Mode LED status is determined which of the three soundsource Modes the device is in – Wifi, Bluetooth or Aux and shows if Bluetooth or Wifi connection has been made successfully or not

It was quick and easy to pair the phone to my Android phone and once connected the link seem fast and stable and it later reconnected automatically without incident. When connected by Bluetooth or wifi it is possible to stream audio sources from the connected phone using the ‘GGMM music’ app for iOS or Android. When using wifi the device can stream pretty much any music source that can be played on the phone including those on the home network. When away from a wifi network the speaker will generate a Wifi hotspot to which the phone can connect to stream music either from the phone’s memory or using the mobile phone data network. Curiously, the unit lacks a built DAB or FM tuner.

The sound quality is first rate, and so it should be for the price, with plenty of volume and good powerful bass. Sound quality is certainly a main selling point of this unit and here it really does excel although perhaps in part due to the use of the latest Bluetooth aptX technology. The speaker will work in tandem with other from the same range to allow music to be played in multiple rooms simultaneously but this I was not able to test.

A battery life of 10 hours between charges has been claimed and I see no way to doubt this although I have been unable to find out the size and nature of the battery.

I was tempted to knock a star off due to the high price, lack of some features which can be found in many less expensive similar sized devices but in the end decided the audio quality overrode these failings and made the device still worth a five star rating.

The Good
Great sound
Unusual wood and leather body
Good volume level
Robust build quality
Easy to use controls
Non slip base
Excellent User Guide
Multi room feature

The Bad
No FM/DAB Radio
Not splashproof
No powerbank feature

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