ieGeek Multifunction Car Jump Starter Portable Power Bank

This new jump starter and Powerbank from ieGeek arrived simply presented in a simple but robust cardboard box with the jump starter and accessories within inside the protective carry case provided. The first impressions of the device are very good as the small size and angular body makes the device look more like a speaker than a traditional jump starter.

Apart from the main unit itself there is the jump lead battery crocodile clamp set,a USB charging cable, car power charger, a medium weight zipped protective storage case, multi headed external device charging cable and a large, well printed and easy to read User Guide. I append a copy of the User Guide to my unboxing video. Unlike with some rivals no laptop charging kit was included. Build quality of everything looks first rate and it all fits well into the case.

The powerbank itself packs a very respectable 12000mAh which is above the norm for this type of device and more than enough to start your car multiple times, charge your phone many times over and even power up several tablets. There are two USB charging ports, one rated at 5v/1A ports the other at 5v/2.1A, which is OK but not outstanding. The jump starter battery can be charged by the supplied USB cable or car cigar lighter adapters but there is no option to directly from the UK mains with a dedicated high power transformer, which is a pity and makes for longer charging times. There are four blue LED battery status indicators on the front next to the USB ports, micro-USB power in port and flashlight. The built in light is very powerful and and also features a flashing emergency strobe light. A multi headed USB cable is provided to charge external devices which is good but sadly it lacks a USB-C head.

Charging the car is easier than you might think and is well covered in the well printed and easy to read User Guide. The supplied jump leads are short, a longer set would be better but then they do not need to be the length of conventional jump leads. You would not think a battery this size would have the capability to start a car but it can! Once you have got the car going you can even use the supplied car power input adapter to top up the unit’s battery.

This is an excellent all round battery emergency kit and should be in the boot of every car. Not only will it start the car if the vehicle battery fails but it can also power up your phone or tablet. This is one of the best devices of this type I have tried thanks to the excellent User Guide,robust carry case and compact size.

The Good
Good build quality
Built in torch
Four USB ports
LED battery status display
Built in safety protection
Good price
Attractive design
Carry case
Emergency light
Excellent User Guide

The Bad
No fast mains charging adapter
Jump leads rather short
No laptop charging kit provided
No USB-Charging port
No 5v/2.4A charging port
Multi head cable lacks USB-C

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