Ugee M1000L 10 x 6 Inch Graphic Drawing Tablet with 8 Hotkeys

I was very pleased to receive this unit from UGEE for testing as I have some experience with their other graphics equipment hand have always been impressed by the build quality, presentation and capabilities of their devices.

The graphics tablet arrived very well packaged and securely padded in a large and attractive presentation box making it very suitable as a gift. Inside the box was the M1000L tablet itself, a P51 Pen, full size CD of software and drivers, pen holder with eight spare nibs, a pack of protective film gels, User Guide.

Build quality of everything is up to the usual UGEE high standard with nothing feeling flimsy or looking like it is liable to pack in any time soon. The pad looks very impressive with the row of preset keys running down the side. The pen is suitably chunky and sits well in the hand and feels weighty due to the AAA battery inside – a pity no battery was included in the box. The only design fault I can see is that the USB power cable is hard wired into the graphics pad. It would have been had a standard micro-USB port been used to allow for easy replacement is necessary.

Windows and Mac drivers are provided on install CD but following my usual practise I went to the UGEE website to download the very latest version, which was quickly and easily done. Remember to plug the tablet in before running the driver instal application.

Using the tablet is simplicity itself and it feels responsive giving thanks to the 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity which means colour and density can be varied according to the pressure applied through the pen. Eight preset buttons are positioned down the left side of the table and by default they are for Copy, Cut, Paste, Group, Zoom +, Zoom -, Close. These buttons can be redefined through the UGEE control panel software. There are also sixteen hot-cell virtual buttons positioned along the top and these can also be user defined. It is not possible, so far as I can tell, to assign program specific presets – ie a button having a different function according to the currently running application

This is a first rate graphics tablet available at a very attractive price. I doubt that any other than graphics professionals would really need to pay more for a high end unit from WACOM or other better known rivals.

The Good
Attractive presentation
Great price
8 shortcut keys
16 hot-cell keys

The Bad
Confusing User Guide
No batteries included
No wifi
Hard wired USB cable
No application specific presets

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