BeQool Motion Sensor Light, USB Rechargeable Led Night Light

I already owned one of these lights which is positioned in the bathroom and comes on when the door is opened and so I was pleased to review this later version to see if it is as good as the original which has been working happily now for about eight months.

The little lamp arrived in a plain eco friendly cardboard box devoid of labelling or decoration. Inside was the light itself, a plastic wall mount, USB to micro-USB charging cable, double sided sticky pad, hanging strap and User Guide. I attach the single page User Guide to my unboxing video.

The light is just 10.6 x 9.8 x 3.6 cm and is light in weight which makes it simple to attach to the wall in the knowledge it is unlikely to soon fall off. The slimline eight LED light is held in place magnetically to the wall mount which is secured to the wall using the supplied sticky pad. This works well for glossy or tiled walls, I am not sure how well it would stuck to a matt finish surface but there are screw hole cutaways in the wall mount.

The light has a three way turret switch: OF/ON/Auto. On auto the motion detection will turn the light on for around ten seconds. There is a grommet protect micro-USB port on the side for charging.

In use it works very well. The light is very bright and it is a pity the brightness cannot be varied, but does a great job at lighting up the bathroom during nocturnal visits. The light is probably a bit too large and too bright for use in a cupboard or other small location.

If you need a slimline, easy to fit auto on light for the bathroom or wherever then this would be a great choice.

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