DIKI Mini Blender Juicer with 2 Sports Bottles 500 ml

I have seen the self same identical blender offered from various vendors at various prices. I must say that this little blender although not perfect is very much better than I was expecting for the money, which at just £36.00,has to be a great buy.

The item arrived nicely packaged in a reasonably attractive display box which would make it very suitable as a gift. Inside the box was the blender, two 500ml bottles, two drinking caps, the blending head and a short user guide. The User Guide although simple is instructive enough and I enclose a scan of it in my unboxing video. The build quality seems fine although lightweight, as you would expect for the price. I would have preferred it has the bottles been made of glass but since they are labelled as being for sports use perhaps the lighter weight plastic is better.

Using the device could not be simpler. Just add the ingredients to the bottle, screw the blender head onto the bottle, fit the bottle to the blender and rotate the bottle clockwise to engage the blending motor. The non slip base prevents the unit from sliding around but it is best to keep hold of it just in case. Turn the bottle the other way when done and remove from the blender. Swap the blending head for the bottle drinking head and there you are. Very quick and easy and no awkward blender to was. The bottle can be washed out quickly and easily and the blending head can be rinsed under the tap.

I was very happy indeed with the results which have been blended very well each time I used it. It will even deal with frozen fruit and other hard ingredients with the 300w motor being powerful enough to cope with the relatively small amounts needed for the 500ml bottles.

This would be perfect for a person living alone or for athletes needing a quick and easy way to make smoothies, this is a unit ideally suited for a single person or even a single person with a friend since two bottles are provided.

For the price this is a great buy and has proved to be a much better item than I was expecting for the low price.

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