XIAO MO GU Latex Labrador Dog Mask

Priced at £11.99 this rubber labrador dog party mask from XIAO MO GU is not cheap but some effort and expense has clearly gone into making it as worthwhile a product as possible. It is made from a thick latex and is flexible, tough and promises to be pretty durable. This is not a use once and throw away party novelty. Unlike many cheap masks which are simply contact printed this one has a proper textured surface aimed at mimicking a fur appearance.The eyes are extruded slightly to make them look more real and are not just printed on. The mask is clearly based on a photograph again in attempt for added realism. There are small precut slits around the eyes and nose to allow the wearer to connect to reality outside but t you can see very little and so the eye slits at least will have to be widened.

The mask, which is supplied in a shrink wrapped pack includes a printed insert that attempts to address the minor issues that the mask has. It advises users to expand the eye and nose slits as required and assures us that the very pronounced latex smell – like that of a new pair of rubber gloves – will pass with time and this seems to be proving to be the case.

This mask is not inexpensive but is well made and should last for many parties and Christmases. It is of a reasonable size and fits me a male adult of normal size so should be fine for most users. It is not perfect as the neck is a bit short and it can wobble about a bit due to the size when worn by a smaller person but all in all it is not a bad buy.

If you want a fun mask for a party then this might fit the bill.

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