ELEPHAS 1200 lumens LED Multimedia Projector YG-400

I have used quite a few budget LED projectors in the past and this one is pretty typical of them all although is rather better made and more attractive than many.

Inside the fairly standard display box was the projector itself, a UK power lead, an AV cable adapter, a medium size remote control and a User Guide.

Build quality seems pretty good. The projector seems well made and robust and has an attractive up market design and appearance. The remote control i has good physical buttons rather than soft touch ones that often fail to work. The power cord is too short for many situations but at least has a fused UK plug on the end. The excellent User guide is of the single sheet fanfold type but is nicely printed, well designed and easy to read and makes a pleasant change from the poorly translated off faded booklets so often included.

At 1200 lumens it is brighter than many budget rivals but still too dim to used other than in low light conditions. 1000:1 contrast is by no means the best but the 800 x 480 native resolution with 1080p upscaling is above average for the class. The 4.95-13.12ft Projection distance and 50″ – 130 inches image size are both pretty much par for the course. Best results can be obtained with a projection distance of 7.2ft to yield an image size of 100 inches. It has all the usual ports and interfaces: USB / AV / SD & HDMI / headphone socket. It does not have a TV in socket but I these usually do not work in the UK. More annoyingly and unlike many rivals, this device does not offer a wifi connection to your mobile phone. Keystone adjustment is manual only but is easily done with the adjustment wheel. There is no tripod screw mount.

Image quality is good for the current £59.99 price and class of this device and fine for most home uses. It is not suitable for business or professional use as the image is too dim for daylight use and the image is a bit fuzzy when resolving text although there are no problems when viewing video or images.

This is a decent quality budget projector available at a sensible price with an image quality fine for domestic but with no standout features to recommend it above the others..

The Good
Good build quality
Excellent User Guide
UK power cable
No external Power transformer

The Bad
Short power cord
No Wifi
3-4 hours only run time
Average image quality only
No tripod mount

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