JOJOO A4 LED Tracing Board

This budget priced new 26 LED 4480 Lux lightbox from JOJOO was supplied in a simple brown box inside of which aside from the lightbox was a short USB to micro-USB power cable. No instructions were included as, I suppose, none are needed but a data sheet showing the technical parameters of the device would have been nice..

Build quality seems fine. The pad feels well made and robust and I do not feel any give when I press down on the tracing surface.The pad is thick enough to feel substantial but not so thick as to be bulky or awkward to use. The device is powered by USB and a rather short cable was included for this purpose. There is just one control, a touch sensitive Off/On/Brightness button. The brightness level is variable according to how long the button is pressed and will return to the last used level when switched on. Variable brightness is an important feature when working with originals of different densities and translucence. On the underside are four non slip feet to stop the board moving around in use. There is nothing to stop the paper you are working with moving around and it is a pity no retention clips were included to address this problem.

The current price of £26.99 does not seem expensive to me and although this is certainly an entry level unit it seems well made and does the job perfectly well..
The Good
Good price
Bright even illumination
Variable brightness level
Brightness level memory

The Bad
Cable too short.
No carry bag
No retention clips
No User Guide
No tracing paper pack included

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