SmartOmi Wireless Earbuds

I have tried similar headphones to these in the past and was not particularly impressed. The other pair I tried were difficult to pair both to the phone and to each other. This new pair from SmartOmi does not have these problems and was better all round.

The headset pair arrived simply packaged in a plain brow cardboard box which although serving well to protect the contents and even for storage did nothing to mirror the quality or £69.99 price (reduced from £139.99 we are told) of the headset. When you pay this sort of price for a product most people would expect more up market presentation, especially when purchasing as a gift.

Inside you receive the two earpieces, two additional pairs of buds in different sizes and colours, three sets of earhooks in varying sizes, semi rigid carry case, charging stand, short USB charging cable, User Guide. Build quality of everything is first rate. Nothing feels cheap or likely to break anytime soon. The User Guide although small in size is nicely printed in colour and is well written in proper English.

Configuring the set was easier than I expected. The two earpieces are identical and either can be used as the primary (Host) unit. After charging the earpieces press and hold the main button on one earpiece until the LED flashes Red/Blue and it enters pairing mode. On you phone Bluetooth page look for ‘Smart Omni BOOTS’ and pair to it. The Earpiece LED will stop flashing. Take the secondary earpiece (Guest) and press the main button, flashing blue LED to change to green when paired to the Primary earpiece. For subsequent uses the pairing both to the phone and each earpiece should be automatic. Press the button on the side of the Primary device to adjust audio volume and track advancement. There is a microphone built in for phone use.

Turning now to sound quality here there was a bit of a let down. The sound is not bad but not of the quality I would expect from a £69 much leas £139 device. However, I doubt anyone will purchase a headset like this for the audio quality. Most users will be going for the wire free convenience and simplified setup and use and here this device is top notch.

If you like the appeal of a totally wire free headset that is easy to use, highly portable and well made then could be the headset for you. If you want a headset for high quality music reproduction then pass on by, there is nothing for you here.

The Good
Good build quality
Unusual design
Good User Guide
Completely wire free
Mono use option
Bluetooth 4.1

The Bad
Sound could be better
Fiddly to configure first time
Poor presentation

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