J-Bonest 6-Port USB Charging Station

I recently tested a very similar device to this one but costing more than twice the price. This unit lacks the upmarket packaging and presentation and metal frame and USB-C ports but otherwise is actually rather better. It outputs at a higher level across all the ports and is neater and rather better designed.

Inside the very basic brown cardboard box in which the device arrived was the charger itself, a power lead with UK plug and a simple User Guide and specification sheet, not that any guide was needed. No cables or cable ties are included. This is a real pity as the device can look ugly and messy when multiple devices are being charged using standard cables even when the cables are tied. I have ordered a set of short cables to use with the device and eagerly await their delivery from China. I would have been happy to pay extra had such a set been included with the Charging Station.

The body of the unit was of plastic but I but the unit does not have the cheap appearance that might give. It has six USB ports all designed to intelligently output the required power up to 2.4A each. It is a pity, and this is the only real problem I have with the device, that there are no USB-C ports among them. Each of the ports has a slot for a phone or tablet with a flap that folds up to support the unit. When not needed the flap folds down flush with the top of the device in a neat and attractive way. On the top at the front is the single control, an Off/On button with a large status LED to show when the device is switched on. There are no charging status LEDs for the six ports which is a annoying but minor omission..

Build quality is fine and when in use with short cables it looks rather impressive. This is a well made device and I am sure should last for years if treated right. It has performed perfectly for me so far and seems reliable and stable in use. It has some drawbacks and I considered deducting a star for the lack of USB-C but a the end of the day the build quality and functionality makes up for all.

The current price, reduced we are told to just £28.99, is rather good for a device of this usefulness and quality. If you want a stylish and upmarket charger to keep all your phones and tablets in order than this could be for you.

The Good
Attractive design
Smart Charging
Good build quality
Internal transformer used
Good price
All ports output at 2.4A

The Bad
No cables included
Plastic body
No cable ties included
No USB-C sockets
No status LED;s for each port

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