Malacasa, Series Regular, 4-Piece 12″ Ceramic Round Plate Set

As with all the crockery from Malacasa this four piece dinner plate set is large, heavy and designed to impress. This is not the sort of plate you would eat your beans and toast from on your knee but rather the sort you would use for formal dinner parties. Really it reminds me of the crockery used in mid market restaurants.

The items are large and heavy and are clearly built to last. I can imagine them standing up to sustained use in hotels or commercial situations which is not to say they are inelegant or unsuited for domestic use because they are not.

If you need some well made heavy weight dinner plates designed to impress for a special occasion then these will do fine. The price at currently at £18.99 for the four piece set including shipping (no mean expense due to the weight) makes them all the more attractive.

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