Besteker Multi-function Bluetooth Smart Microphone

Priced at a shade under £80.00 this bluetooth microphone needs to have something special to offer for price and in many ways I think it does.

The microphone arrived devoid of without a display box, just the microphone kit in its’ carry case. The lack of a product is a pity because it seriously devalues the appeal of the microphone as a gift and with Christmas fast approaching this could affect sales. Inside the rigid carry case was the microphone, a USB to micro-USB charging cable,a Micro-USB to mini jack audio cable and a well printed and easy to read User Guide. The microphone is quite large and feels substantial and well made. It do not feel like a throw away novelty.

The first thing to do is to charge the 2600mah internal battery c which is done vis the micro-USB slot on the underside of the control unit. A red LED will light up and go out when fully charged. Two to three hours of charging should give about ten hours of use.

To connect the device to your phone or PC flip the On/Off button to on and the blue LED will light up. Open your pone or PC Bluetooth control panel and search for Besteker Q9 and connect to it. A voice prompt from the mic will confirm connection. You can then use the mini mixer on the mic control box to set the input volume, balance and tone controls to suit you. You can also move through music tracks in the same way to select the song you want to sing with. It also has a full size USB port so suitable U Disk devices can be attached. I should image a USB flash drive would work too when connected here.

In use this is a fun device, Audio quality is fine although like all similar devices prone to external interference. The good thing about using this is you can set it up just how you want it and adjust as you use it, no need to keep going back to your phone or computer to get the sound right.

It is not cheap but you do get a worthwhile piece of kit for your money that you will want to use even after the Christmas parties are over.

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